Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Lists are seriously frustrating to format.

I officially declare myself a Grooving Mum.

I know I’ve all ready written an intro but this post will be my list of goals (please note – list likely to be changed, removed, revised or set on fire at any time) that I’d like to achieve within the next 12 months or so.

Because I am currently 37+ weeks pregnant, I have decided that the most sensible thing to do is to set myself some short term aims – i.e. little things to do or change before the baby or when the baby first arrives – as well as a few bigger ambitions, & things about myself that I know will take longer to change.

I shall get straight to the point, as I have had a rather rough day – to my dismay after almost an entire week of feeling well – and I’d like to post about the Halloween activities Daughter & I got up to in the last few days when I’m in a better frame of mind!

So, here goes…

Short Term Goals:

  1. Ensure that I have a safety-net should I end up suffering from PND when the baby arrives by:
    • Making a crisis plan, as suggested by Community MH Worker.
    • Ensuring I am as honest as I possibly can with my Man & my family if needs be – this is something I have struggled with recently & am still reluctant through fear of burdening others unnecessarily.
    • Taking steps to be healthy – eat well & keep my mind active so as to get into a better routine with a view to keeping this up once the baby arrives.
  2. Sort out my ridiculously out of control finances in order to create stability for me & for my family – I dislike talking to people over the phone & therefore must man-up a bit & take charge of the situation instead of becoming a nervous wreck & avoiding these things.
  3. Enjoy the final few weeks of my pregnancy, without feeling any guilt for outing my feet up & having things done for me.
  4. Do more things I enjoy & stop worrying about others – take pleasure in making for Christmas, & share my achievements.
  5. More face masks & chocolate.

Long Term Goals (Post-Baby & New Year):

  1. Take care of my body – start running again, then possibly swimming when the hotter weather comes. Lovely endorphins, yes please!
  2. Keeping up with the healthy eating routine that I will hopefully have established pre-baby. Not weighing myself but ensure I’m not too skinny for my clothes & feel well in myself.
  3. Settle Daughter into a new nursery & set up a good routine for her, baby & myself.
  4. Take time & research the possible careers I could have when the baby gets to nursery age. Work towards achieving something that will empower me, as well as fit around family commitments.
  5. Hone my writing skills, so that all my blog-posts aren’t quite as dreary as this one seems so far! Seriously – take time to educate myself in writing & possibly other things that interest me. Get the cogs turning again.

    So, these are my goals thus far. As I say, I may revise them or (more likely) set fire to them. Currently my main focus is being well in every sense when the baby turns up. I’m truly terrified again this week. I can’t see many ways that I’ll keep sane, particularly after the New Year, but making this list today has certainly helped me. I’ve got good feeling about my Grooving Mums adventure & I certainly hope that I don’t bore you all to death in the weeks to come. I’m also totally looking forward to keeping up with everyone’s stories too.

    Ooh & I almost forgot - as requested by Kate this week I am including a pic of my in my Halloween glory, from this weekend. Looking totally un-pregnant (but trust me - it's all there) & I was actually feeling bloody brilliant too, though I am mostly always self-conscious of photos, hence the expression:

    Wish me luck!


  1. Great set of goals. Good luck with your last few weeks of pregnancy. Do put your feet up and enjoy. I think a lot of my problems have stemmed from not being honest enough with my hubby about how I've been feeling. I'm still finding it difficult. Hope you have a good week ahead.

  2. I can't believe you are 37 weeks preggars in that pic! My God if you'd seen me! I got asked if I was having twins with my second! Haha! Mind you, I gues 10lb3 is the equivalent of having twins! Anyway, enough about me... great list! Makes sense to seperate into short term and long term and to not get over sentimental about what you've written. After all, things can change so much after having babies, huh?! x

  3. I think it's a good idea to have short term and long term goals, particularly with the imminent arrival of baby - hopefully it will allow you to focus on things in bite size pieces.
    Well done for getting dressed up so late into pregnancy and having a good time! Enjoy this next week and the last few before your new arrival.

  4. What a bloody sensible thing to do!! I wish I had the foresight to to something similar before the birth of my little boy.

    I can very much recognise what you say about not wishing to burden other people - it's something I really struggle with too.

    Good luck with week 38!!

  5. You have some brilliant pre and post baby list of goals and I love your crisis plan. I also can not believe that you are 37 weeks pregnant in that photo! Welcome to grooving mums x


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