Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Monday, Tuesday & the Mean Reds

Today I feel as though someone has their giant hands on either side of my head & is pressing as hard as they can.

Daytime yesterday involved trapesing around, looking at potential future homes, only to reach the conclusion that we are more uncertain & actually still have no conclusion - just more wondering about what this week will hold.

Yesterday evening began with me setting the cooker alight whilst cooking Yorkshire Puds.

This was followed with a takeaway & an early night.

Early night was cut short when floods of anxious, hormone-induced tears broke forth for no one reason in particular.

Long-awaited sleep was then interrupted by Daughter crying for no reason, other than much-sought after attention. Again, & again & again...

I greeted the morning with puffy eyes & sluggishness.

Today, the day is rescued by Daughter & her charm:

Daughter's dog (in reality a stuffed crocodile) is called Hiffy & apparently likes to smell Mummy's feet. Hiffy's friend - a police dog (in reality a stuffed hippo) - is called Jemmy, though Daughter declares that she "calls him Jemmald all the time". Neither Hiffy nor Jemmald are very good at putting their chins up when they are required to do so. They are also both "rum-sticks". Hiffy & Jemmald are both twice the size of daughter & this makes for great comedy stylings when she attempts to pick them both up.

Yesterday, I should add, was saved by the loving embrace of my man.

Bring on normality. Preganacy & vagrancy are tiring.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Sleepy Saturday

Today, the sun has hidden itself away again so we shall be staying home, eating melon & perhaps having a Saturday snooze. We thought we could also introduce you to someone special.

This is Hare
Hare is Daughter's long-suffering favourite. Though usually he prefers a simple green bow tie, today he has been dressed in fetching pink socks & a single white shoe.
Hare, as you can see, often gets flung around; hanged by his ears/legs/arms/tail; chewed & in several past episodes he has been unfortunate enough to have been in the firing line of an excessive amount of vomit.
But happily, the thing that Hare gets most of...
...is Daughter's unconditional love.

Happy Saturday all.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Everything is changing

An unexpected pregnancy leads to life being tipped upside-down.

We swap a flat for a house.

I swap my single parent fram of mind for family living.

I swap one mischeivous imp for two.

He swaps no mischeivous imps for two (plus mischeivous mother of said imps).

I swap small-town for bigger-town.

He swaps city-life for town-life.

We swap our ten minute commute to work to forty five minute commutes in opposite directions.

We meet in the middle of our current lives & hopefully forge something that we will call 'our life together'.

Everything is changing, for the better.
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