Monday, 7 November 2011

3pm Disappointment

It's 3.52pm & I was due to have an appointment with a member of the Rural Community Mental Health Team at 3.00pm today. Originally, my appointment with her was supposed to be on the first of the month., but she had to cancel due to 'having to take some annual leave'.

Though I was disappointed when my first appointment was cancelled, obviously these things happen, people have lives other than their work & I'm sure she was not without good reason to do so.

Since 2.45pm I've been watching every car that goes past the bay window. I hate waiting for people, & always feel anxious & agitated when I'm doing so. I have put out the washing, put in some more washing, tidied away some felts I'll need in an hour & generally fiddled about with all the things I'm usually too lazy to do in an attempt to distract myself but I can feel, even now I've become very nervous & teary.

This morning I felt awful again. Any good mood I'd felt in the past week has subsided & I'm in the sobbing phase again. I was half dreading but half looking forward to seeing this woman. I felt I needed it, even if I didn't much want it (my last appointment having been a little disappointing - read about it here). Now, an hour after she was due I feel foolish & let down. Why haven't I heard from her? Does my mental health not matter?

We were supposed to be making a crisis plan. To be honest I don't actually know what this entails but I imagine it to be clarifying steps to take should I feel horrendous & fancy topping myself or similar once the baby arrives. Obviously this was to be put into place before the baby's arrival & yet I am due in 12 days. What happens if I go into labour now or this week? The way I'm feeling at this moment in time I can barely bring myself to look in the mirror, let alone watch my child come into the world to a mother who is, let's face it, fairly useless at the moment.

It has been so difficult & frankly scary admitting to myself & the people I love that this isn't going to go away & that at times I can't cope; admitting that I am not normal, as much as I feel it sometimes & realising that no matter what I do, the cocoon of sadness & the sense of claustraphobia that comes with it will always return & admitting that I can't be the mum to my children that I always thought I would be. But I have done that & I've asked for help. I know myself well enough to realise that I need support & yet I feel as though I am not getting it. I'm not stupid - I may have made some bad decisions in my life, I may have been careless but I am intelligent enough to see things must change, yet all I feel has happened so far is that I have not been taken seriously or I have been patronised.

A very charming consultant we saw a few weeks ago was kind enough to make me feel like a child, talking to my partner as though I wasn't in the room & then giving me a withering telling off for having not seen my midwife enough, even though I have seen her as she has requested. & you know what - I just take it. I haven't the energy to make myself heard & that is the worst part of it. I'm ashamed of myself but what more can I do? I'm tired. & what about all those other people out there who aren't being heard? The ones who don't have the support of a wonderful partner or children who have to be their point of focus - what do they do when they don't get heard? How many slip through the net?

The system is failing. It is not acceptable - but who has the energy to fight?

It's 4.29pm now & I'm still watching the cars go by. I don't think she's coming.


  1. Gah! I'm sorry. What a huge disappointment! I feel angry for you. I wish there was something I could do to help. :/

  2. This is so wrong. You are worthy of support especially having shown the huge amount of guts needed to say you could do with some. Complain and complain loud of give me their details and I will do it for you. I don't want to come in as someone older and wiser cos only the first one applies but part of life that we all face is not living up to our own or other people's expectations. Life is at core about memory-making and trying to make as many of them possible good for you and those you care about. You are normal by the way - it is just that society sells us some sepia image of motherhood largely to keep women in their place. You are human and sometimes that is hard to accept that that is all we really are but you are normal or as normal as any of us anyway. I, speaking for one of I am sure, lots of mums and #groovingmums am only a tweet or an email away.

  3. There is a whole wealth of experience on here for you to draw on, just yell out

  4. I really feel for you. You've said that you think you need some help and yet they aren't giving it to you. I can't believe baby is now due in 12 days and your crisis plan isn't in place (even if you don't know what it is). I'm so sorry. Us #groovingmums are easily contacted via Twitter or e-mail if you need to chat.

  5. This sucks. Please make sure you explain how anxious you are about your crisis plan not being implemented. Don't feel like you're wasting anyone's time. You matter. How you feel matters. Try and make yourself heard no matter how hard it feels. There are many of us out there who find it hard to cope. Like Kate says, we are all human x

  6. HOW FREAKIN RUDE!!! This is just plain selfish behaviour and she should have a darn good reason for not showing up again. Goodness. Hugs. Tammy


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