Friday, 6 January 2012

Day 6 of 366: One Small Step for Woman

Today is exactly 6 weeks since I gave birth to our little baby girl. Today is also the day I decided to start running again. Before my pregnancy I took up running mainly because I was getting a bit on the porky side & being single I had nothing better to do. To my utter surprise, it worked for me - at least in that it made me feel great & I soon got to the point where I loved to go & would do extra laps with ease. Then I got tonsilitis & was laid up in bed for a few days. During these few days I also decided to take a pregnancy test, which came out positive.

I was ill & pregnant & that was my fitness ruined. Apart from one experimental run whilst pregnant (it was horrible, all I could feel was the weight of the baby) I haven't done any exercise since & have been absolutely dying to get back to it, not particularly for my figure, but more for my mental health & my skin (as you'll see!)

Today I ran 1.6 miles in 22 minutes. The Man, (who is a Fitness Manager - whatever that means...he works in a gym!) says that is good considering, though I think he's just being nice, but whatever the case I feel like I need to collapse, but in a good way. Another step on the road to being a Groovy Mum!


  1. Good on you! Look at your stomach - you gave birth 6 weeks ago??? I wish my stomach looked like yours even before I fell pregnant! 6 Weeks!!! I'm off to buy some trainers tomorrow so I can start my couch to 5k! xx

  2. Well done! Hi5 for the groovy mum.


  3. Nice one clot bot! Always been jealous of your figure - and now you have the fitness to go with it :)

  4. Wow, you look amazing. You'd never guess you gave birth 6 weeks ago x

  5. Very well done and so envious of that figures of yours but also word of warning not to push yourself too hard on any level in these baby days.
    When you need to rest/relax do so. Maybe I should try the running lark. Well done again.

  6. 6 weeks since birth?? 6 WEEKS SINCE BIRTH? Dear lord, lady - congratulations!!


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