Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Little Pea Green & the Twitter Baby Follower Challenge Thingy

Snappy title, I know!

Okay so I have 97 followers on Twitter & if I reach 100 before the baby gets here I shall be offering an exclusive 10% discount to said lovely followers on all the items in my Etsy shop, Little Pea Green. The more followers I get before the day of arrival, the more discount I will offer. For example if my baby takes it's time & I have 110 followers, I'll offer 11% discount. If I have over 120 followers then it'll be 12% & so on & so forth. The more the merrier!

It's all handmade by me, just lovely little affordable & unique things for wee ones.

Of course, when the baby arrives the shop will be on vacation for a week or so while we get settled but the discount code will be valid for one month from the day I reopen. I shall also be looking to replenish the stock of the shop when we've got a nice routine going (a girl can dream)!

I aim to post out well within a week - if I am too buried in nappies then I'll of course let you know this!

So, get following on Twitter @PeaGreenGwin & get your 10% off, as well as making me look really cool infront of my newborn child (because every baby cares about how many Twitter followers it's mum has!)

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