Thursday, 6 October 2011

To Do: This week & next

  • Ice & decorate cupcakes for Daughters last day at nursery
  • Find Daughter new nursery in order to save both our sanity
  • Sew 'Happy Birthday' banner for Old Foundry Kitchen
  • Think of Christmas makes & make for Craft Fair a week on Tuesday
  • Take iron tablets regulary & DO NOT FORGET like useless person you are
  • Go shopping
  • Earn money for shopping/rent before going shopping
  • Doctors: Monday (to check I haven't topped myself)
  • Midwife: Thursday (only 10 weeks later than intended)
  • Nurse: Next Tuesday (jabs saving Daughter from impending doom)
  • Use excessive amounts of eggs which seem to have appeared in kitchen (quiche?)
  • Pack to visit Lovely Friend -- DO NOT FORGET Pregnancy Notes
  • Visit Lovely Friend
  • Return from visit in one piece & without having given birth
  • Do never-ending ironing, using special smelly iron-water bought 3 months ago in attempt to add a bit of fun to ironing (what?!)
  • Attempt to make time to put face on of a morning in order to not scare general public when leaving house
  • Become proper housewife (though not married) as intended to do 3 months previously
  • If failing on above point, instead ensure proposal of marriage via argument that one can only be a good housewife if one is actually a wife
  • Emotionally blackmail innocent blog followers into buying items from Little Pea Green in order to fill my fridge with cheese & yoghurt & possibly fund my marzipan habit if very successful
  • Teach Daughter art of sophisticated conversation that does not involve the words "poo", "bottom", "bogey" or "ey!"
  • Stop procrastinating with ridiculous lists & get off bum
  • Ensure productivity by promising to post pics of accomplishment of to do list over next few days!
Over & out.

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