Tuesday, 18 October 2011

57 sodding bibs.

I am sick of white baby clothes.
I am sick of beige baby clothes.
I am sad that there is no room in the drawers for the clothes I am so looking forward to buying when we know whether it is he or she.

There are plenty of unisex things available that are not white or beige so why have a got so much of this stuff?!

& why have I got 57 bibs?!

& why have I got 468 size one nappies that I didn't buy?! (I've done the maths - use 5 a day & that'll still last over 3 months, I hope it doesn't grow too quickly & poos a lot)

People are so generous & I feel entirely ungrateful, but I seem to be drowning in a sea of baby things that I don't remember asking for & that I probably won't use! It just seems so wasteful when there are people much more needing out there.

I like things to be kept to a minimum - just a few lovely things, as well as the basics of course. I know that babies are puke & poo machines. I know that we'll need a lot of stuff that will take the puke & poo. Honest, I know this cos I've all ready had one but it really is just too much now! I feel genuinely overwhlemed by it all!

Apologies for excessive use of exclamation marks, it's just all a bit much...

57 sodding bibs, indeed.

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