Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sunday, Floaty Sunday.

Sundays are usually the days that I wish I could be doing not much & just floating around in my nighty as I used to, drinking cup of tea after cup of tea & enjoying every morcel of whichever delicious breakfast I'd chosen to treat myself to: Pancakes & syrup? Bacon sandwich? Poached eggs?

Recently, Sundays have been busy: Sundays have been days seized to visit loved-ones; take much needed shopping trips or to complete tasks for which completion is essential before the baby's arrival.

The living room in my old flat was huge & had one large window stretching almost to the top of the decadently high ceiling which looked out onto the street below. The light would stream through this window on a morning & I enjoyed looking out at the people walking by, wondering what Sunday business they were going about & feeling very satisfied that I could do as I pleased in my sunny Sunday living room.

Now, our living room is smaller yet more homely & often much tidier than my old living room ever was. The window in our current living room is a wide bay window & in the afternoon we get the sun's generously warm rays pouring in. Even on the dullest of days it seems to fill the room with a warmth that I never had in my old living room

Though I much prefer home as it is now six days a week, I do yearn for my floaty-Sunday ritual.

Today was a Sunday I would rather forget, & one I probably shall. I had nothing on my agenda & thought to myself that I might just enjoy the day. I finished work yesterday & so it was my first official day of maternity leave & we all know that maternity leave is for sitting around in your pyjamas & eating biscuits (something that I am extremely good & well-practised at) but something just wasn't right. My nighty used for floating has long since disintergrated & even had it not I doubt that it would fit over my bump. I had the pleasure of being brought a cup of tea in bed by that ever-wonderful man of mine & leisurely coming downstairs to be greeted with a bacon sandwich, once again courtesy of that man. This was lovely. Wonderful. I am very lucky. But I am also very slow to start - very lazy - & so my Sunday did not start. I simply arrived in Sunday & did hardly anything for myself. I did nothing but I did not enjoy doing nothing.

So, my mission is simply to re-claim Sunday, floaty Sunday. A nighty, a ritual & copious amounts of tea are going to make a return into my life. Just on a Sunday.

Watch this Sunday space.

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