Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Grooving Mums & World Domination

As you may know by now, I try to take part in the #groovingmums blog-hop on a weekly basis. Since November I have been flagging a bit, but I have the pretty solid excuse of having given birth & then with the festive season straight after all has been a little bit hectic & I have been having a bit of a break from blogging in general.

Now, with a fresh new year, the schedule is cleared & I'm embracing normality & hoping to build a positive routine, as much for the children as for myself. 

Back to the Grooving Mums bit. Kate over at Kate on Thin Ice hosts this fabulous blog-hop & you can read all about this here. You may even want to get involved. I've found the ladies to be an amazing source of support & inspiration, particularly on the gloomy days. Each week Kate sets us some optional challenges. This week these are:-

1. Did you over-indulge over the festive season? What can you do to prepare for the life-changing journey ahead in terms of improving your health? 

2. What do you need to change your mind about? Have you written yourself off in some way? How can you shift negative thinking patterns?

3. This week, Christians celebrate the Epiphany. Here is one dictionary definition for the word epiphany "a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience." What does this mean to you?

4. Are you aware of all the blogging networks you can get involved with? Is it worth you checking them out and promoting your efforts to sparkle to a wider audience?

Firstly, I did over-indulge this festive season. It was briliant! I have no regrets. I'm not particularly concerned about my figure as I am blessed (so far in my life) with a pretty good metabolism (smug), though I always notice that it does affect my skin. I get terrible oily & spotty skin when I partake in too much sugar. I've had many a night out whereby I wake the next morning not only to a stonking hangover but also to a face full of yuck (not in a rude way or anything. Or at least not always! Ahem...) & Christmas has certainly left my skin a little bit angry, so I shall be getting some yummy vegetables down me in order to appease it. As well as this I shall be taking up running again, so long as my Doctor okays it, again not so much for my figure but for my skin & more importantly my mind. I always feel so much more stable when I take regular exercise.

Secondly, if there is one thing I am bloody good at it is negative thinking - damn you irony! - but I am on the road to changing that. I think that I have got better in the past month or so but I'm hoping for a good round of CBT to combat any negatve thinking patterns that might crop up in future.

Thirdly, 'Epiphany' to me is not particularly something spiritual. I am an atheist with a love for logic & so epiphany in my mind is those spectacular moments of crystal clarity, whereby everything swirling around in the massive fog of my brain settle in a pattern that makes perfect sense & everything finally feels calm. This is usually, for me, relating to my emotions. The human mind is so complex, I find it is often so difficult to understand even your own thoughts & so when everything is alligned, for me that is a very precious experience.

Finally, with regards to my blog, I am generally useless at organising promotion. I tend to have about one day a month where I feel a frenzied urge to branch out & to discover new ways to find forums & networks. This is fine for me & so for now I am quite happy with all you lovely readers who have given me such lovely comments & offered your support, (& for that I thank you very much.) & to let my blog grow organically. In summary, I am a little too lazy to consider world domination just yet!

Here's hoping for a Grooving 2012! & maybe a tiny bit of world domination - or maybe not!


  1. That is scarily quick of the mark this week.
    I too over-indulged but felt OK doing so which is a positive move as would normally beat myself up emotionally for it.
    You and the other #groovingmums help me deal with negative thinking with all your wonderful support and I really appreciate how you reach out when you are so obviously busy with your family and other things. Generous lady.
    The world would be a far better place if folks like you dominated it in my humble opinion.
    Love this post, great language, reflective, just fab!

  2. Lovely post, especially liked the bit about Epiphany. That would be my definition of it, too, when everything is clarified or you have a sudden moment of realisation. I'd like to meet someone who didn't overindulge at Christmas!! Great idea about the exercise, lovely that that's all you need. Polly

  3. Hiya,

    Was hopping around for inspiration as a new Grooving Mum and found you! Love your blog post from Kate's challenges, I have only got as far as listing my aims for 2012 but it's a start! See you grooving in 2012!

  4. I'm with you on the over indulgence and bad skin, definately too much chocolate for me.

    I too like your take on Epiphany, I think even if you are spiritual then a clear thinking mind is always a v good moment.

    Looking forward to keeping up with your Groovingness. X

  5. Hi, I agree re: exercise. It's just finding the time - normally I'm too tired once the small is in bed and just want to flop on sofa with a glass of wine.
    I love your very healthy attitude to blogging and organic growth. I'm with you.
    Really enjoying reading all your posts. Lovely blog x

  6. Love your post im just starting grooving myself so very inspiring for me. I love your take on world domination and i know exactly what you mean im the same, the best things are grown organically and always worth the wait.Lovely blog glad i found you.
    Cat xx


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