Friday, 13 January 2012

12 & 13. Thursday & Friday Thoughts.

Yesterday wasn't such a good day, so I had a little time out & did some wandering about the streets of York. There really is no better place to be depressed. I'm so familiar with the city, with its seasons & hidden treasures. York is unassumingly beautiful, even the grandeur of the Minster is somehow unpretentious. Maybe I feel this way because we are so well-acquainted, buut whatever the reason, when I'm blue York can offer me solace & anonimity & this is why I love it so.

The Eye has returned to York & Eldest so wants to go on it, she was thrilled to see it all lit up yesterday evening. We will go on it soon & I am sure she will realise at the top that she wants to get off!

Today my thoughts have been cluttering up my brain, swimming around with no real direction or order so I wrote them down. It helped.

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  1. I grew up in York, my best friend of 35 years still lives there (we were five when we met)


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