Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Ugly Proof

Did I mention that I'm running thirteen sodding miles for Mind in September? Yup, I'm doing the Great North Run & guess what.. You can sponsor me! Please sponsor me...PLEASE! Just click to see my fundraising page or click to see my reasons for running!

I'll be keeping a log of my training. Today OH kindly showed me how to strech beforehand (I had previously just been doing the stretches we learned from school) but I'm convinced he was just trying to make me look like a douche.

The previous run I went for was a 3 mile run about a week & a half ago which took me 31 minutes. I was dying by the time I got home! Today's run was a simple 2 mile run, round a new route. It took me 24 minutes, which means I'm worse! Onwards, onwards & no slacking I guess is the answer! Damn!

Just to prove I have actually run, take a look at the colour in those cheeks, sexy!


  1. Good luck with the run!!
    You have enough months to prepare for it :)

    Maybe I will try half marathon or something after my baby is born.
    I always love to run.

    Yes, pinky cheeks are sexy!! :)

    1. Thank you! I'll need it! :)

      Running is great for the body & the spirit, go for it but enjoy what's to come first! Very special!


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