Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Eyes Have It

Whilst going through all the pictures on my hard drive (and get royally distracted instead of organising things as I should have been) I was staggered as to how much Baby Girl looks like her big sister used to look as a baby. My eldest has big dimples whereas littlest has big chubby cheeks & they have different noses so in life they don't often look very alike - but there are glimpses. On looking back through these photos the resemblance just leapt out of the page. I think it's mainly in those big owly eyes - but judge for yourself..

 I can't quite believe my eyes with these two - Eldest as a baby on the left. If I hadn't have known better I'd have said they were both pics of Baby Girl!

Next up - Eldest as a baby left again & then the two of them together. So cute! Eldest still looks like herself here though too.

Then we have Eldest left & Baby Girl right, maybe not in the eyes in these!

& smiles all round

My Gorgeous Girlies. Both perfect, now & always.

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  1. They really are so alike! Beautiful photos as well x


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