Sunday, 27 May 2012

Drunk & Happy

Good news everyone!

I went out last night & not only do I not have a headache but I think I may still be slightly drunk! Hurrah!

The bad news is that I got so drunk that I inadvertantly chucked my purse, containing my iPhone down the loo - AFTER I'd gone - & not only has my phone now gone bloody bonkers but my purse isn't really in a usable state. Unless the grunge thing is coming back in any time soon. Toilet stench anyone? No? Just me?

I made a bit of an impulse purchase yesterday.

Yes, beautiful & a bargain at £19.99 from TK Maxx (my spiritual home).

So I was certainly feeling ready for a night of good music & crap dancing. All except it was very, er, challenging just getting DOWN THE HILL to the bar. Clearly I hadn't quite thought everything through enough.

By some miracle (because God saves his miracles for drunk girls in stupid shoes, clearly) I did not fall over all evening, which was pretty much a win all round.

As an extra added bonus I got IDed going into the first bar, which always makes for a flattering start to a night (unless you don't have your ID with you, then you're cursing the bastard who asked) & later when some bloke tried to chat me up & had me pegged at 21. I'll take that.

I told him I was married & had two kids.

Little bit awkward.

Not least because I'm not actually married & so while cursing my stupid lie of an answer spent the rest of the conversation covering up my left hand.

So, apart from the iPhone incident (nothing short of an actual disaster) it was a fairly good night & I didn't even start crying like I often have recently when I'm pissed.

Now, dear readers, I'm off back to bed. If I never return because of iPhone cold turkey - tell people I died drunk & happy.


  1. lol this made me giggle, sounds very familiar, gotta love drunken nights x

  2. Drunk and happy AND in Killer heels?? Happy days!! Sounds like a fun night :-)

    xx Jazzy


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