Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Kitchen Vim & Vigour: A Lack Of.

Dear Amazing Bloggers & Readers,

I need your help.

I have a lovely foody blog which is still a bit of a newborn - beautiful, if a little bit wrinkly, but rather underdeveloped - but I just can't seem to get back into the swing of things & I'm struggling to nurture it. There's been a lot on but now I'm devoid of all enthusiasm & vigour. I'm supposed to be chronicling my adventures in the kitchen but to tell you the whole truth, I've been eating crappily & with no zeal. The kitchen is also literally falling apart. We rent & so there's not much we can do about it. It makes me sad. When will my energy return?

Has anyone any tips?

Would anyone just like to feed me & be done with it?

Would anyone buy me a house with a beautiful kitchen?

Or just a beautiful kitchen?

Or just a load of money?



Sad, Desperate & Poor Non-Cook.

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  1. Can't give you any Vim but I found some Ajax under the sink the other day...I was only looking in there because the plumber had fixed a new sink and made a mess. Because I'm so lacking in energy too, I stick to a set menu every week with lots of fresh fruit to make up our 5 a day. Last Saturday I decided I would make a roast dinner and it was yummy, so I have to cook as the mood (& energy level) takes me. Sometimes it might be ham from a packet, crisps & vegetation thrown on a plate and called a salad! Maybe what we both eat is something to do with our lack of energy? I once saw a blog that was a project by an art student who photographed every meal she ate for a whole year but I can't remember why :/
    I wanted to join you in the food as therapy strand but the truth is, I would only look up recipes from the internet anyway, so maybe you could do some reviews of foody blogs by REAL PEOPLE when you weren't feeling like cooking yourself.Well, I'll stop wittering on and try to do my weekly shopping list ready for tomoz. Still in pink pyjamas, so you can tell how the day is going :( *love and hugs* Irene aka Calendula x
    PS. Do you put a link from your blog on Black Dog Tribe? I've had a few readers from there on Pink pyjamas ?


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