Thursday, 2 February 2012

Pea Green Pantry

Dear readers,

I love that I have readers - especially ones who are always generous with the advice & support they offer. Today I am looking for some feedback regarding a new blog that I am hoping to set up soon.

I love food & though I can't profess to being a great connoisseur or magnificent gastronome I do enjoy cooking & even more so I enjoy eating! It is an area that I enjoy experimenting in (saucy!) & something I'd like to get better at.

As a mum of two children - one who is not terribly fussy but has her moments of stubbornness & another who is only just coming up to the age of guzzling mush - & a dutiful wifey to my OH (if you can call avoiding housework dutiful) I often find myself cooking the same things over & over. I do not need another boring thing in my life & so I made a promise to myself that in the weeks to come I would make the effort to devise a menu for the weeks ahead. Not only to spice up the dinner table a little but to enable us to buy only what we need, food wise. I thought that a great way to get started & to stick to this would be to create a blog & share with you my experiences as I attempt to avoid disasters & not poison my family.

I hate waste & like to live as economically & as ethically as I can. I believe strongly that organic farming & eating is the way forward, both for the planet & for our health, but I am also not rolling in it & understand just how difficult it is to be 'green' when you have to watch the pennies. I think it will be something a bit like River Cottage on a budget & with more mess (oh how I love Hugh, but I haven't got a garden or a TV deal).

All in all, I am looking to create a new, separate blog based around my adventures in food which will include:
  • Ideas for recipes, family friendly, speedy, special or anything else
  • Tips for green living on a budget (or not, if you're that lucky!) & eating with the seasons
  • Linkies with other foody families & people
  • Experiments & disasters in my kitchen
  • My journal of how I am getting on with my personal mission in food!
So what I'd like to know from you lovelies is if I am just being a lunatic & this is actually pretty boring or whether there are any other ideas you'd like to see on the blog.
The big question is what should I name the blog, there is a choice of three:

Pea Green Pantry
Our Pea Green Pantry
The Pea Green Pantry

Thank you for your eyes, readers!

UPDATE: You can now follow @PeaGreenPantry on twitter & find us at - I shall hopefully have everything fully operational before the end of Feb... How exciting!!

Yours, toastily, Chloe.
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  1. I would definitely be interested in reading it. One of my children is incredibly fussy and it would be great to see new recipes that have been previously 'family tested'. For the name, personally I like 'Pea Green Pantry'. Good luck!

  2. I think it's a great idea. I'm always looking for ideas for family friendly recipes, and would enjoy the tips for green living. I'm with DoD on the name, I instantly thought 'pea green pantry' had a good ring to it. Looking forward to your new adventure :)

  3. Have you seen the River Cottage: Baby and Toddler book..? It's amazing x


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