Monday, 19 December 2011

NOT a New Year Resolution!

Well my lovely readers, I'm currently laying in bed at my in-laws with a snorty-snuffly baby to my right. Apart from that I'm having to write this using my iPhone, I feel very relaxed (which is remarkable for a visit to the in-laws as I have a few ex-in-law-related-fucked-up-issues that mean that I am constantly on edge about making the right impression or being judged, particularly with regards to my parenting skills), except for the small issue which has been creeping up on me for the past few weeks or so. This is the issue of my itchy fingers (please note: not a contagious or repulsive disease rather a want to write).

Since I had the wee one I have barely blogged. I have been rather busy with both of the terrors but also with Christmas too & to be perfectly honest I don't feel I have had all that much to blog about either. With the new year approaching fast I'd like to find a little more time & substance about which to write.

I am not one for resolutions as I am the useless type who can't stick to them, in fact if a resolution is made I usually tend to do the exact opposite - it must be the rebel in me (or that dick head part we talked about) - so I shall tactically pledge this year NOT to blog more, NOT to get a life & find something interesting to blog about but positively, definitely & absolutely to give up eating crisps & chocolate & drinking copious amounts of cocktails & Guinness & dancing like a twat whenever I go out with the ladies. Not to mention a little bit of NOT catching up with those fabulous Grooving Mums. If you haven't all ready then please check out these fabulous & inspirational ladies by searching #groovingmums on twitter or going over to the Kate on Thin Ice blog (that last bit was what you should do, not in any way what you shouldn't do. I know, it's got a little confusing now!).

You see what I did there?

Here's to reverse psychology, lots of drunken "dancing", & a bloggerific 2012!


  1. An absolutely fabulous post dahling. Apart from that tendency of yours to put yourself down. I am so pleased you sent that first email to me as i know feel I have a new and valued friend in cyberspace.
    Blogging at all with a baby is amazing so well done you on all fronts.
    Plus I love your foul language. Happy Christmas you arse! Said with love honestly

  2. lol..hows things going with the baby? you're very brave visiting in laws so soon and especially at christmas, good luck NOT doing anything next year


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