Friday, 9 December 2011

Hello, World.

Well, friends, it has been a while, hasn't it?

As most of you may know or have guessed I have had a break from blogging & generally from the world not for some lame reason but the rather excusable reason of having given birth to my second & equally as beautiful little girl.
This is her at a few hours old. She came on 25th November at 5.34pm, weighing 6lb 14oz. Perfect.

I have so much to say & I'd certainly like to share with you all my experiences of birth, maybe not the embarrassing & gruesome bits. Shamelessly unsubtle plug, but you can read Daddy's blog here, which give his experiences of our girly's birth, but for now I am just  going to share with you a few wondrous things about motherhood doubled, & the joy of non-pregnancy.

  1. The excruciating cuteness (though occasionally this borders on nuisance, but alas, I can't get mad) of Eldest Daughter (formerly just 'Daughter') as she coos over her little sister & 'helps' us change nappies.
  2. The new found ability I have to bend down, shave my legs, cut my toenails, put my socks on, fit through small gaps, not fall over, sleep in any position I so wish & various other trivial things that I used to take for granted.
  3. Eldest's new obsession with boobies & when she sees a cow, telling everyone who will listen "Milk comes from cows...& BOOBIES!".
  4. The comparative ease of caring for a newborn baby to that of a 3 year old.
  5. Mouldy cheese.
  6. Amazement at how poo can be yellow.
  7. Double the amazement at how yellow poo seems so much less disgusting than brown poo.
  8. Selfishly, being thin again.
  9. The prospect of running again, but not the prospect of the first run, after not exercising for 9 months. If you see a tracksuit-clad, ear-muff-wearing heap in the local area, please take me home.
  10. The incomprehensible way in which you can fall so overwhelmingly in love with a tiny person who cannot even communicate with you & who knows nothing of this world. I never thought I could feel the same way as I feel about Eldest, but what do you know?
It's all good so far.

Just look at these two. How can it not be?


  1. So very lovely to read especially after all the worries beforehand.
    I love your list,lovely and amusing in equal measure.
    I also think you definitely will be getting an award in the first Grooving Mums New Year Honours List for getting the groove back so quickly after childbirth. Well done you.
    Thanks also for your lovely blog comment. I am back on the up after a challenging week. Think I am just made that way, the ups and the downs all part of the mystery we call life

  2. Awww just lovely. Welcome back :-)

  3. Congratulations, she looks like an adorable little poppet, in fact they both do. How lovely. Relax and enjoy. Polly x

  4. Congratulations!!!
    Your little one and bigger one are so adorable ;)
    I wish you will have fun taking care of them and blogging at the same time.

    I cannot wait to the updates about your baby!!

    I cannot wait to feel the same way you do when my baby in my tummy comes into this world!!

  5. Congratulations.

    Big sister looks like she is very much enjoying her responsibilities in the photo! What a lovely festive time of year to enjoy getting to grips with being four. x

  6. Congratulations on the birth of your little girl. Your photos are lovely x

  7. Beautiful photo! Congrats my dear - enjoy them!


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