Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Today, I felt okay.

It's late September but today the sun was out & soaking the City of York with its warm comfort.

After a few days of fragility I was in two minds as to whether to leave the house. A familiar voice was telling me that perhaps I shouldn't bother. Walking to the station let alone the 35 minute train journey would be such effort, & it was probably cold outside. Ear ache comes with the cold & you haven't a suitable hat.

But, it was too late. I'd told Daughter that if she was good we would go for cake with our friend. Currently she wasn't being at all good but any bribery to snap her out of it was worth the effort.

So we wandered to the train station & hopped aboard. It wasn't so much effort after all. It also turned out that a hat wouldn't have been necessary. Nor would the boots or coat that I was wearing, but never mind. We proceeded to amble through the city in the sunshine, not buying anything or going anywhere in particular, just taking in the day.

Then there was a modest lunch: hot ham & cheese bagel & cake to share; cloudy apple juice for her; iced tea & a delicious coffee for me. We were joined by someone lovely & the conversation was honest & theraputic.

It's entirely true when they tell you 'it's the simple things...'

We wandered back across the city & caught the train home.

On the walk from the station to our house we collected acorns & conkers - our current favourite activity - & by the time we were home I was feeling content. A game of catch with some scrumpled-up tissue preceeded Daughter's bed time.

That's all - nothing profound, but today I felt okay.

Today was a good day.

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  1. Sounds like a great day! Simple things are sometimes the greatest.

    :) dina

    P.s. trying to follow but i think blogger may be a bit jankie today. Will try again soon! :)

  2. Thanks Dina! Hope blogger gets its act together soon!! :)

  3. Oh, i love that photo of the chestnut!! Ironically i was scouring my neighborhood for them for my table decoration for Thanksgiving..alas, the squirrels have taken them all for their winter pantry.

  4. Oh no! We found lots in our local park, we did manage to lose our best conkering stick though!


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