Friday, 9 September 2011

So much to say, such little ability to make sense.

Well hello y'all!

It's Friday the 9th of September & finally we have an internet connection!

I've been re-reading the last few posts & all though it is not even two months gone it seems like an entirely different lifetime. So much has changed. So much is still changing & I'm struggling to keep up!

Presently, I am feeling an enormous sense of excitement & have decided to spend an evening to try & straighten out the blog, the Etsy shop & the facebook pages in accordance with my change in focus.

Last night was devoted to making goodies from felt, including owl, cat & monster egg cosies as well as felt softies & I am currently hugely enthused with creating a range of handmade gifts especially for children & babies. In between (or rather in order to avoid) unpacking & painting rooms & doing trivial things such as washing up & keeping the house in the fashion that a good wife should I have been making things such as bunting & Christmas decorations (for our own Christmas tree rather than for sale) & so have had the sewing machine out, dusted off & in action!

There is so much to say, blog-readers, & I shall try to say it in a way that makes sense but I am fit to burst at the moment.

I am so happy to be back & entirely submerged in the flow of this creativity & I don't think I can quite get all the ideas & thoughts from my brain into blog form.

I should also say that apart from an ill two weeks last week & the one before, all is well with my health & more importantly TBC's health. I am round & I waddle but I am told that my bump is "compact" & "petite".

Pregnancy is still hard work - with daughter it was a complete breeze in comparison - but I am looking forward to filling my spare time with more making & sewing & biscuit eating. I haven't done much writing in the past few months, instead I have been pouring all energy into other forms of art but I hope to get back into it now. & to start using correct grammar & make some vague sense.

In brief - this weekend I am beginning to launch a new branch of Our Pea Green Pod, which is especially for children & babies & is called Little Pea Green.

Find Little Pea Green on facebook here
& on Etsy here.

It is still very much under construction. I have got many more products made but I haven't put them up due to being at work & having misplaced the USB cable for my camera & being slightly too lazy to begin a hunt this evening. 

You can still find Our Pea Green Pod - which will still be stocking all my random bits & bats - on facebook here
& on Etsy here.

I cannot promise organisation or sense on any of these pages but please, as always, bear with me & I hope that by the end of the week it will all make a little more sense & there will be things to capture your interest.

I will try & get my technical head on this evening & update all the links on this blog.

Or I might just sit & chat to friends whilst drinking tea & eating biscuits. I really like biscuits at the moment.

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